The following assignments, 6A, 6B and 7 will be completed in class during the 3rd and 4th session. Please do not complete them ahead of time.

Assignment #6A - Educational Videos
Find a YouTube video about Using iPads in Education. Add the link of the video to a word document. Write a paragraph describing the video and any ideas that you have gained from watching it.

Assignment #6B - Create a Video
Using Animoto, create a video of your own that is at least 1 minute long. Save the link to your video and paste it the on the same document as the YouTube video. Write a paragraph about how you might use Animoto in your classroom. Upload the document to your Google Drive Assignment 6.

Assignment #7 Journal Reflection - Ticket out the Door

Write a brief reflection and include:

  • What impact do you expect to see as a result of using this technology in the classroom?
  • How do you plan to continue to use your iPad in your personal life? Professional life?
  • What have you learned from others' sharing that you would like to try or explore more of?

Place the document in your Dropbox assignment 7 folder.